School Council 2015-16

We are very excited to have a fully organised school council at Gamlingay Village College.  Last year we visited the Houses of Parliament and participated in a student parliament debate with MPs.  We aim to do this again this year.

The Aims of the school council are to:-

1.     Allow students to experience leadership roles in the local and wider community.

2.     Allow students a voice to be heard and act upon.

3.     Develop community spirit and engagement.

4.     To promote health and well-being.

5.     To engage all pupils in sports activities.

We will have two sections to our school council this year: The Sports Council and the Student Council.  They will be directed by our Year 8 Student leadership Team.

The role of the Sports Council will be to promote health and well-being through team building and sports activities. Mrs Phillips will direct the Sports Council this year.

The role of the School Council will be to promote British Values, and student representation.  Mrs Sunderland will direct the School Council this year.  Mrs Sunderland will also direct the senior student leadership team.  The senior student leadership team will monitor both councils.






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