Children in Need 2015

Every Child a Writer: Crime Investigation day

On Tuesday 17th November the pupils came into school to discover that our Ace Zone had been turned into the offices of Davies and Sons and a crime had taken place. With inquisitive minds they headed to the hall to discover what the day had in store for them. Staff were dressed as both suspects and police officers ready for our ECAW day to begin.

A robbery had taken place and through investigation work, specialist police teams and problem-solving; the case was narrowed down to three suspects. A court scene followed, ending with the jury deciding on who was guilty and what their sentencing was to be.

Pupils worked in vertical classes on interview techniques; crime scene investigation; finger print analysis and understanding of the law as well as many other police based activities.

The day was a huge success and pupils are now transferring their enthusiasm from the day into a police report in their English lessons.

Quotes about the day from our pupils:

‘Best day ever!’

‘Great knowing teachers did it for us. I loved the action packed and fun way of learning new skills!’

‘It was a great day and I hope I will remember it for all of my life! Thank you GVC.’

‘Teachers made a massive effort to make the day the best possible.’

‘’I really enjoyed the day and would love another one!’

Our Every Child a Writer days enable our pupils to engage and learn a broad curriculum through new experiences and challenges. The purpose of this day was to provide our pupils with a rich experience from which they can produce a detailed and engaging piece of recount text.

Peace memorial sculpture at GVC

Our value this month is peace.  In light of  recent events we decided that we would create a memorial sculpture using the symbol of peace. Every student has written a message on their dove.  The installation will be up in the front entrance for the rest of the term to remind us that we can hope for a peaceful world in our future.


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