Religious Education

At Gamlingay Village College we endeavour to embrace all faiths and the different interpretations of spirituality in our society whilst promoting the teaching of ethics in an everyday context.

Pupils are encouraged to use a wide range of religious and philosophical vocabulary to show a coherent understanding of a range of religions and beliefs. We analyse issues, values and questions of the meaning of life and what is truth. We also account for the influence of history and culture on aspects of religious life and practice.

Together, we also explore why the consequences of belonging to a faith are not the same for all people. Using different sources, students are asked to explain the different points of view that exist and understand the conflict and sensitivity that often surrounds these topics.

We also encourage our students to think out some of these ultimate questions and ethical issues for themselves in an environment of respect, where all viewpoints are listened to and respected.


Key Stage 2

Pupils have 1 hour of R.E a week. They will be asked to complete a 6 hour homework project each year and may be given 10 minute homework during the week.


Year Group

Unit 1/2

Unit 3/4

Unit 5/6

Unit 7




Diwali festivals






Life of Jesus



Judaism and Christianity



Key Stage 3

Pupils have 1 hour of R.E a week. They will be given homework once a week.  This should take between 30minutes and 45minutes.


Year Group

Unit 1/2

Unit 3/4

Unit 5/6

Unit 7


Who is God?

Is God one?


Modern Pilgrimage

Climate Change

Big Questions

Religious text and finding Truth.


Civil Rights movement

Human Rights

Should life be fair?

Fair Trade



Women and Religion