The key areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing are covered in all years.  Pupils are encouraged to use thinking skills to deduce the meanings of new vocabulary and to make links between English and French where possible.  All pupils have vocabulary books which they will be expected to complete to aid their learning of vocabulary. 

Key Stage 2

Year 5

Pupils learn to introduce themselves and ask and give personal details e.g. name, age etc. They learn numbers up to 30, the French alphabet, the months and the seasons, building on work already covered in Lower School. They also learn to describe themselves and other people. The emphasis is on speaking and listening, but reading and writing are important too. Some simple classroom language is introduced.

Year 6

Pupils learn to talk about travel, the days of the week and some phrases about the weather.  Other topics include school, how to tell the time in French, and how to give opinions and reasons. They also learn to talk about hobbies and to give reasons for their opinions. Although the emphasis is still on speaking and listening, pupils start to write independently. In addition, their use of classroom language is developed.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Topics include: food and drink, describing your town, clothes, and healthy living. Communication in the classroom continues to develop through pair and group work. Grammar is explored more deeply.

Year 8

Topics include: pastimes and making plans, talking about everyday activities, travel, and talking about past holidays. The emphasis is on extending vocabulary, sustaining conversation and using more than one tense.


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