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Dates for Parents' Forum Meetings


3 March 2015                            7:30 - 8:30

21 April 2015                             7:30 - 8:30 

9 June 2015                              7:30 - 8:30


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The Parents’ Forum was set up in 2010 with the primary aim of increasing parent involvement in the College and enabling parents to have a say in College life. It meets once every half term on a Tuesday evening from 7-8pm and the agenda items are decided by the group. All parents and carers are invited.

Topics that we have discussed have included homework, communication, break and lunchtimes, uniform, student morale and rewards. The fruits of their discussions are taken on board by the Senior Leadshership Team and are often instrumental or have resulted to changes in policy or procedure. Examples of our influence can be found in changes to the new homework policy, the changes to the welcome evening and improved communication with teachers via e mail. This past year, parents have become more directly involved in the college by decorating the hall for the Royal wedding, organising and attending a family quiz and donating items for the Jubilee Festival. Parents who attend the forum say that they feel their views are welcome and that suggestions are acted upon swiftly and taken seriously even if not always adopted.

This year we will continue to look for ways in which parents can support the college and the students both by voicing our ideas, opinions and concerns as well as in practical activities.    


  • To give parents a voice
  • To increase parents’ contact with the college and involve them in all aspects of college life
  • To involve parents in decision making
  • To provide a clear route for parents as a group (not individuals) to feed back to the college and governors
  • To help parents support their children in their education
  • To help create a parent engagement policy for the college


Agreed Ground Rules:

  • Support and be guided by the Chair of the meeting
  • Respect other people's opinions and ideas
  • Have one person speaking at a time
  • Indicate a wish to speak by raising hand
  • Allow the Chair to decide who speaks next
  • Limit the length of individual contributions
  • Listen to other people's contributions
  • Don't immediately jump on people with whom you disagree
  • Keep to time
  • Keep to the agreed agenda
  • Contribute to discussion in small groups but avoid splinter groups
  • Respect confidentiality and be cautious about naming individual pupils or   teachers and discussing individual instances/ events inappropriately
  • Concentrate on positive outcomes for the Parent Council that will be of benefit to the school, its pupils, staff and parents/carers


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