Welcome to the Key Stage Achievement Team’s section of the website.  The Key stage Achievement Team is comprised of the KS Achievement Leader and eight Tutors.  At GVC we want all our students to achieve their full potential, be confident, happy and develop skills which will see them through to their future after school age.  As a team, we work together in school to make these aims a reality.  However, we wholly believe that striving to attain these targets should be a three way partnership between us, our parents and our students and we work hard to ensure this happens.

Our Roles & Responsibilities

As individual tutors, we look to ensure that the students within our tutor groups are making the most of their abilities and employing every strategy available to help themselves succeed.  The Key Stage Achievement Leader’s role is to oversee the ways in which tutors work, to monitor and develop effective practice and create and implement whole school strategies as part of the school’s overall Improvement Plan.

Home / School Communication

Within the team, the tutor should be the first line of communication between home and school.  We believe that the development of excellent communication and relationships with the parents and carers of our students will help ensure that they are successful and happy in school.  If parents or carers have requests or queries regarding anything to do with their child’s progress or well-being, the tutor should be the first port of call.  As a team, we will endeavour to respond to all email and telephone communication swiftly and hope that parents will support us as we work with their children.

Praise and Reward

At GVC we believe that all students deserve to have their achievements and successes celebrated.  The Key Stage Achievement Team recognises this with the individuals in their tutor group and with the group as a whole.  Subject staff record success in Planners by issuing Merits and giving comments/stamps/stickers and group tutors monitor and reward the students’ individual achievements.  When whole groups have been successful, tutors and subject staff are also able to award Class Merits and these are recorded on the tutor group’s notice board so that their achievement can be fully acknowledged.  On collecting a certain number of Class Merits, tutor groups are rewarded.  These rewards can include privileges within school and events such as a non-school uniform day for their group.


All students are issued with a Planner.  The Planner works as a record for homework, a place for home/school dialogue, an information resource for students and as an easy method by which parents and students can access information to monitor progress toward achieving academic targets in all subjects.  In addition to this, the Planner is used to record success (see above). Tutors are expected to monitor and sign Planners on a regular basis and as part of home/school liaison there is space for parents to sign weekly.


Homework is set across the school (please see the Homework Timetable for each tutor group), and should be written – with support if required - carefully and accurately in the student’s Planner.  The KS Achievement Team monitor this process and check – through liaison with subject staff – that students are completing homework set.

Target Setting and Mentoring

All students are set academic targets for the year in every subject.  The KS Achievement Team monitor the progress toward achieving these goals and based upon the termly grade cards issued to students and parents, set the students in their tutor group a personal target in an identified area (e.g. developing independent learning skills) to work toward that term.  Over the course of the year, tutors will also devote time to individually mentoring some students to support them to achieve their targets.

Tutor Time

At GVC, students have thirty-five minutes of tutor time each day.  Ten minutes each morning is devoted to registration and preparation for the day ahead and every afternoon a series of activities takes place.  We believe that the time spent with their tutors boosts the students’ skills both academically and socially.  Please find below the schedule for all Key Stages each week.



Wednesday    Key Stage Assembly or preparation for Key Stage Assembly


Friday              Whole School Assembly

Tutor Time activities are monitored by the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Head of Maths and the Key Stage Team Achievement Leader. 

Key Stage Assemblies

Feedback from our students strongly indicates that they appreciate responsibility being given to them both in and out of the classroom.  To support and acknowledge this aspiration, all tutor groups are given the opportunity to produce one assembly per term for the rest of their Key Stage.  This provides students with the opportunity to select and explore a topic of their choosing, to develop independent learning skills and to work collaboratively.  Opportunities may exist for students to present their assembly to other Key Stages, staff and parents.

Uniform and Equipment

As a school, our expectations for our students are very high and we believe that smart and correct uniform is a reflection of this.  As part of our partnership with parents, we ask all parents and carers to support the school in ensuring that their child is dressed appropriately and according to the uniform code. (See section on Uniform.)  tutors monitor the uniform of students and contact parents/carers to discuss matters relating to uniform if necessary.

The KS Achievement Team works with students to ensure they are correctly equipped for school.  We ask parents to work with us to ensure that all students have basic equipment for lessons comprising of pencils, eraser and a ruler.  As part of our Marking and Assessment policy, we ask our students to write in black ink (biro, gel-pen or handwriting-type pen).  Pens and all the other items are available to buy from the school’s Stationery Shop.  In

KS 2 students keep their belongings on pegs either in, or just outside their tutor rooms and - where space is an issue - some students are issued with lockers.  In KS 3 all students are issued with lockers and with the exception of PE kit and outdoor coats, are expected to keep their belongings in their locker.  All students are expected to be fully prepared and equipped for every lesson.  In the morning, students should arrive at tutor time with all that they need for the first two lessons.  At break, they should return equipment to their lockers/bags and at the end of break equip themselves for the next lesson.  The same process should be repeated at lunchtime for the two lessons which take place in the afternoon.  All students are expected to have a reading book with them at all times.  Independent learning and organisation are key skills which students need to develop in order support them in life; being prepared for lessons is a part of this process.

The Structure of the Team

In both Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) and Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8), there are currently two tutor groups per year.  These groups are mixed ability and put together - in the first instant - as a result of input from the students themselves and the First and Lower Schools which the students attended prior to entry. 

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