Individual Needs

Our Ethos

Welcome to the SEND section of our website. At Gamlingay Village College we believe that all students have the right to achieve their full potential. The SEND Department supports students to help them to overcome barriers to learning and to ensure that they become equipped with the skills they need to succeed in their future lives.

Our Department – Roles and Responsibilities

The department consists of the SENDCO, a team of 6 qualified, skilled and dedicated Teaching Assistant, two of which are HLTA qualified, and the school’s Student Support Officer. The role of the SENDCO is to help staff identify individual student’s needs, then facilitate and co-ordinate appropriate support to help the student to success in school.

We believe that the early identification of needs is essential to ensure we are able to support students to achieve their full potential. In this, we take a graduated approach where needs are identified and met wherever possible within the classroom and the use of resources – human and/or material - and strategies are targeted to the individual. Members of the department work to support students both in and out of lessons. Students both with and without a Statement of Educational Need are able to access the support of Teaching Assistants and we aim to provide the highest quality teaching and learning support for all. Some students require further intervention to assist them to make progress and as a school we are able to provide a variety of support packages tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

Departmental Facilities

The department has a dedicated room within the school known as the ‘Aspire Confidence Excellence Zone’ (The Ace Zone). Group and 1:1 work takes place here and the room is equipped with an assortment of resources and ICT to support learning. The College’s SENDCO and Student Support Officer share an office where the records of the students accessing support are all kept securely and where students can come to for support during the school day when needed.

Intervention, Support and Access

Developing life-long skills in English and Maths is essential and all students are regularly assessed to ensure they are making progress. Assessment can take the form of: reading comprehension and spelling tests, cognitive ability tests and half-termly levelled assessments in subjects. In addition to this, all staff monitor student progress informally in lessons so that anyone experiencing difficulty can be identified and supported. To achieve their full potential, students may also need support with social, emotional, behavioural and health issues. The following provision is available at the College; some is made purely by the school whilst others are provided by outside agencies and facilitated by the school.

Access Arrangements for Examinations

As part of our aim to ensure that all students are able to access the curriculum equally and able to demonstrate their understanding and ability, the provision of Access Arrangements for both internal and external examinations will be made for students who meet the criteria, wherever possible.

Working with the Student Support Officer

The College has a dedicated Student Support Officer who is available to work mainly with students who have been identified as needing additional support to ensure they are able to make appropriate progress with their learning. However, if a student feels they need specific support on a particular issue, they are able to request a meeting with the Student Support Officer themselves. (See Student Mentor’s individual page in this area.) The Student Support Officer is able to provide support and guidance to students in the following areas: friendship and relationships, social skills, transition, self-confidence and self-esteem and aspects of anger management, bereavement and loss.

Working with Outside Agencies

We have worked very hard to build up excellent relationships with the members of the outside agencies with whom we work. As a school, we have access to support in Cambridgeshire from the Specialist Teaching Service, the Educational Psychology Service, Health Services and the Comberton, Melbourn, Bassingbourn and Gamlingay Locality Team.

Specialist Teaching Service

We work very closely with our link teacher from the Specialist Teaching Service who – with the consent of parents - is able to provide subject and departmental staff with advice and guidance to support students with SEN.

Educational Psychology Service

With the consent of parents – and usually after various intervention and support strategies from the school have been implemented - the service is able to provide advice and guidance to staff to support students with SEN. They will also be involved as part of the statutory assessment process.

School Nurse & Health Services

GVC has a school nurse who works in the school for drop in sessions and sometimes with specific students who have medical concerns and needs.  Students are able to self-refer by attending the lunchtime ‘drop-in’ session and are also referred by the Student Support Officer in conjunction with parents. The School Nurse is able to offer support relating to a variety of issues around health and well-being. In addition to this, she supports the College’s PSHCE programme with sessions on health, hygiene and SRE. When necessary, the College is able to refer individual students to services which support mental health, bereavement and to Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Locality Team

The Locality Team are able to provide a variety of support packages to both parents and students in and out of school, on referral to their service. GVC has a dedicated Inclusion Support Officer who visits the school once a week to work with students who need support to overcome social, emotional and behavioural issues which present as barriers to learning and to offer support, advice and guidance for our key stage 3 students specifically, but also at Key Stage 2 where needed.

Students who attend the school and live in Bedfordshire have access to the majority of support services offered by Cambridgeshire, but are referred – as appropriate – to some Health and Educational Psychology services in Mid-Beds.

Require Further Information?

We are always pleased to meet new and current parents. For further information about the department, or to make an appointment to meet us please contact:

Miss C Cooper


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