Gifted and Talented

In keeping with our firm belief that every child has the right to an education which is appropriate for them, and in line with government recommendations.

We aim to allow each and every learner to fulfil their potential by providing a challenging curriculum and a varied programme of enrichment to ensure that gifted and talented students are both inspired and supported in their development.

Gifted and Talented includes students with a whole range of abilities, including those of high and exceptional ability. Gifted and talented students are identified using scores from cognitive ability tests, data from Fisher Family Trust, NC levels.  Teacher recommendations are also used to identify those pupils, who show exceptional ability across the curriculum, in particular subjects or have the potential to do so, as well as those pupils who show a particular sporting or artistic talent, and it is our aim to provide suitable opportunities to stretch these pupils to reach their full potential.

Students are also encouraged to engage with opportunities offered with school-based extra-curricular activities, national and regional competitions, master classes or coaching sessions and participation on courses at Frontiers club and 1st  University based in Bedford. Students are able to develop  leadership in a variety of ways such as ‘Young Leaders’, clubs, school council and courses with outside organisations in the school holidays.

Parents are encouraged to monitor and support pupils at home and to inform the Co-Ordinator of any concerns.


Should you have any questions about our work, we would be glad to speak with you.