Sport Premium Funding

October 2015

All schools with pupils below the age of 11 are given additional funding in order to ensure that high quality PE and Sport can be delivered both within the teaching curriculum and by providing wider extra curricular activities. 

During the 2014-15 academic year Gamlingay Village College received £8425 in Sport Premium funding and this additional funding allowed us improve our sport provision in the following ways:

Extra Curricular Sports and Fixtures:  We have been able to lease a minibus for the school. This has allowed us to offer a far more extensive schedule of additional activities, team fixtures and participation in a range of meetings and competitions. We have also ensured that we are affiliated to all the relevant county and national associations to enable Gamlingay Village College to offer pupils a wide range of sporting opportunities.  Participation has been  high with over two thirds of pupils having used the minibus since it was purchased for the school.  This resource has been crucial since it became inadvisable to use parent transport to convey pupils to meeting and fixtures.

Additional Training for PE and Sports teachers:   We have been able to ensure that our teaching encompasses a wide range of sports as well as ensuring specific training for quality and depth in teaching and coaching specific sports to a high level. Examples of this have included training in dodgeball and teaching contact rugby to all age groups. We have also been able to provide additional opportunities in Handball and Dance through recruiting specialists from outside of the school to deliver clubs and activities.

Resources and Equipment:  We have invested  in iPads for the use of the PE  , which have enabled pupils to review performance in a range of sporting and physical activities. The aim is to encourage good technique at an early age and help pupils to engage with evaluating and improving performance in both specialist sports and general physical activity.  We have also committed funds to improving the opportunities for sporting activity during breaks and lunchtimes

We are fortunate at GVC to enjoy the teaching expertise of 2 specialist PE teachers and we remain committed to using the Sport Premium to extend and enrich our PE offer rather than simply to cover the costs of maintenance and securing existing provision. Like to purchase orienteering / OAA equipment this year.


In 2015-16 the school will receive £8,400 in Sport Premium funding and we plan to spend this on:

Continued Leasing of the school minibus

Additional iPads for performance review

Resources for Physical exercise activities as part of tutorial time

Resources for student leaders to run lunchtime clubs and activities with younger pupils

Resources for additional clubs and activities to run after school and at lunchtime

Providing Opportunities in Orienteering and Outdoor Education