Pupil Premium at Gamlingay Village College

October 2015

Pupil Premium is the name attached to an additional grant of money provided to support the education of students from specific backgrounds who, at a national level, have traditionally not performed well at school.

This national scheme was introduced in 2011. Schools must use it specifically to help eligible students make enhanced progress so that over time the gap in achievement between these students and others is eradicated.

At GVC we are in the process of closing the achievement gap and are committed to improving our achievement outcomes still further. Miss Claire Cooper leads this area of the school and works closely with students and parents to secure positive outcomes.

Which students are eligible?

Students who are eligible for free school meals

Students who have been eligible for free school meals in any of the preceding six years

Students who have parents in the armed forces

Students who are looked after

How much is it worth?

Pupil Premium is payable at three levels:

Students who are looked after attract funding of £1900 per annum (£500 of which is retained by the Local Authority)

Primary aged students attract funding of £1320 per annum

Secondary aged students attract funding of £935 per annum

Students from service families attract funding at £300 per annum  


If you feel your child may be entitled to Pupil Premium support and wish to discuss this further please contact Mr Birkett, Headteacher on 01767 650360


How is this year's money being spent?

At Gamlingay Village College we endeavour to use the additional funds to support the learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs of these students; provide enrichment opportunities beyond the normal curriculum and support family/community needs. 

In the financial year 2015/16 the total money Gamlingay Village College will receive to support students eligible for all forms of Pupil Premium will be £36,465

Examples of how the Pupil Premium Grant is being used include:

Academic/Curriculum Enrichment

Staff Training and Professional Development

Intervention materials

Intervention lessons delivered by fully qualified teachers

1:1 and small group Tuition

Additional Maths/English Support lessons

Curriculum support materials – textbooks, homework packs, food technology ingredients, SATs revision/booster books, stationery and equipment, dictionaries

Educational Visit Contributions

Music Tuition Contributions

French Breakfast Club

Pastoral Support:


Student Support

Family Support/Community:

Parent Maths Lessons

Parent Workshops – SEN, Behaviour, E-Safety, SATs support

How was last year’s money spent?

In the financial year 2014/15 the total money Gamlingay Village College received to support students eligible for all forms of Pupil Premium was £34,125

Please refer to the Expenditure 2014-2015 document for a full break-down of expenses.

Has this additional spending made a difference?

Attendance of Pupil Premium pupils at Gamlingay Village College has improved from 94.1% in 2013/ 2014 to 94.6 % in 2014/15

Attendance of Pupil Premium pupils at Gamlingay Village College is significantly above the average for pupil premium pupils nationally

No pupil premium students have been subject to any form of exclusion in the 2014/15 academic year

Performance of Pupil Premium pupils in the 2015 Key stage 2 tests is secure in the English elements, but performance in maths needs rapid improvement

Well-being and self-belief increased due to student support programmes resulting in improved participation in lessons.

2015 Key Stage 2 Results Pupil Premium Pupils at Level 4 or above



MathsGap PP and non PP pupils

MathsGap change from 2014


Reading Gap

Change from 2014









National Average (2014)











Change from 2014



Change from 2014









National Average (2014)







100% of Pupil Premium pupils made at least expected progress between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in all elements of the English SATs.

At Key Stage 3 Pupil Premium pupils make good progress across a broad and balanced curriculum. The current Year 8 Pupil Premium pupils have the same average grade as their peers.