Gamlingay Village College Accommodation Update (January 2018 – July 2018)

Following the successful transfer of Gamlingay Village College to the Cam Academy Trust on the 1st September, plans for the expansion and improvement of the existing buildings have as previously stated been submitted and we are expecting a decision in December. 

A meeting was held before half term to allow parents/carers to discuss the proposed move of GVC to the first school site as from January 2018, this was followed up at the trust board meeting whereby the trustees discussed the issues surrounding this proposal and agreed that the trust would proceed with the siting of GVC at the first school as from January 2018. 

The trust board was very sympathetic and understanding towards the reasons raised by parents in relation to not moving off the current GVC school site, however the reasons and issues stated below are important for the completion of the building project on time, as well as ensuring that there is stringent health and safety and providing the remaining pupils with opportunities to take on responsibilities across both schools:

·Lack of access for GVC staff and pupils at the GVC site as the contractors require the whole site – stringent health and safety requirements must be met (The Construction Management Plan does not allow for pupils to be on the GVC site during the building works).

·As GVC will be a building site there will be constant disruption caused by noise and dust.

·Potential for the loss of critical services such as electricity during the building works.

·Provision of hot lunches requiring timely delivery from the First School kitchen.

·There will be opportunities for GVC pupils to undertake responsibilities within the first school through acting as Play Leaders, Mentors and involvement in running sporting competitions.

Therefore from January 2018, for the remaining two terms of the academic year, GVC pupils will continue to be educated by GVC staff on the First School site where the educational facilities will be better than what would be available at the Village College site as from January 2018. This will be arranged in the following way:

We will be accommodating the pupils in a double portable classroom which will include toilets.

•The accommodation will allow for ICT, Science (not inclusive of chemistry) and music to take place.

•There will be an agreed shared separate timetable for shared use of playground, hall and dining facilities. 

•A shared School Office will allow parents of both schools to access the appropriate school specific personnel. 

•Access to the GVC School will be along a dedicated path that will be signposted for pupils and parents. 

•As the schools both start and finish at different times there should not be additional congestion inside or outside the school site.

Throughout the rest of the autumn term, GVC pupils will continue to access all rooms and areas for the practical subjects to maximise curriculum coverage as had always been planned. 

The Cam Academy Trust Board would like to thank you for the issues that you raised through recent communications and your support during this time of positive change in the education of Gamlingay children.